Depending on the nature of your gathering, here is a list of things to consider when ordering a cheese platter:

Is the platter the appetizer or the main course? How many people will you be serving?

On average, allow for approximately 25-40g of cheese per person.

How many kinds of cheese and what types? 

This may vary according to individual tastes, however, we suggest a range of textures, flavours and types of milk (cow, sheep, goat). 

Do you need any pairings?

The Milk Maid can provide accompaniments such as chutneys, olives, cured meats, chocolate, fruit, crackers, nuts, etc.

Do you need to borrow a board?

We have both disposable trays and wooden cheese boards on loan (with a deposit).

Do you or your guests have dietary restrictions?

We have a range of cheeses containing only vegetarian rennet, as well as gluten-free crackers, low lactose and lactose-free cheeses, pasteurized-milk cheeses (for expectant moms). 

How far in advance do I need to inquire about a preparing a cheese board?

In general, the larger the order, the more notice required. 
Small orders can be prepared on the day, or with a day or two notice.
Larger quantities, or where specific cheeses would need to be ordered in, may require several weeks notice.